1. Feelings

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A brand new Talentpool release by WHOISJODY. Feelings is a smashing, almost old school progressive house release with loads of groove. Those chord progressions just leave you wanting more. Great stuff!.


Label: Spinnin Records Talent Pool

Release Date: augustus 28, 2014

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 Love or hate their hold on the big room game, but Spinnin Records has offered more new talent to the global industry than any independent or major label of comparable size and stature. The Hague’s Jody Koenders is the next aspiring talent to buck the trend of a Dutch overhaul here in 2014, whose latest original cut not only gets the nod of approval from Spinnin Record’s A&R department but spotlights an exciting change in the tides for European house music. “Feelings” savours progressive house’s compositional stamina whilst bowing to the percussive temperaments of European tech house. The culmination of these two sounds is an ultimately fresh and forthright attempt at brining two worlds together to the utmost avail, one that speaks wonders of Koenders capacity here in the digital market space for 2014. If “Feelings” is anything to go by, Jody Koenders is evidence that the next generation is still trying to freshen up the musical landscape amid dance music’s golden renaissance. a Hague 

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