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Label: Eskill Records

Release Date: July 10, 2019

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 After the success of his recent single on Spinnin Talent Pool, WHOISJODY is back on his own imprint Eskill Records with a new melodic jam, titled “NEBULA”. It is a groovy and melodic Tech House track that will leave you with a sweet progressive taste in your mouth. Beside the original mix, you’ll find a special “Marimba version”, a funny fact about this mix is that the artist made the original version quite some time ago, but (as usual), he changed it a hundred times, until when he played in Bangkok last year. He visited some temples in the Thai city, and near to the temples he found some local musicians playing the Marimba, a typical Thai instrument. He live recorded some samples, and voilà! The NEBULA ‘Bangkok Marimba Version’ was born! Out on July 10th on Eskill Records, save the date! 

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